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Your site, direct to your cloud

Real time access to your cloudfrom your site

Our site-to-cloud solution is designed for all organisations that require guaranteed performance, security and compliance of their business-critical traffic. This end-to-end solution is unique to the market for its quality of service backed by enterprise-grade network performance SLAs.

Combine software-defined premium private connectivity with Layer-3 fully managed services. End-to-end from your site, such as the Head Quarters, IT Services site or your data centre. We implement your private connectivity to any CSP, all your routing services, along with delivery of the local loops to attach your premises.

cloud connect site-to-cloud

Connections, just like that

Build, deploy, and manage connections to your cloud providers across different regions. Bringing your network together to control how you move data into public and private clouds.

Low latency, high capacity

With a virtual router located with cloud, IaaS and SaaS providers means lower latency, high capacity and improved performance for your critical cloud workloads.

Your network, perfectly sized

Match network use to cloud consumption with scalable connectivity. Everyday workloads, burstable data, and major projects need different bandwidths. Only pay for what you need.

It's networking, just easier

Instantly connect at Layer-3. No need to learn the the dark arts of network engineering. Simply start building your virtual network in a few clicks. Hassle-free and ready to go

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